Marketing Funnel

Funnel Marketing isn’t a case of set it up and leave it to run. At Sigma Digital we start with a plan, execute that plan, and evolve that plan over time. We work with you to make sure we’re getting smarter and improving our strategy as we understand that people change the way they shop and buy from online regularly.

Your funnel is a fundamental part of your conversion strategy. For your business to grow, you need to be actively driving traffic to your website and business, converting interested parties into leads, staying in front of those leads, and then moving them into a repeatable sales process.

Funnel Marketing is a one of the most highly effective ways for you to engage with prospective customers, educate them on who you are, and pre-sell them on your products and services, all using automated technology.

The main reason funnel marketing is so successful for our clients is that it focuses targeted audiences opposed to selling a product or service that your users are not interested in.

Our client’s receive tons of high quality every day because the message is targeted on a specific audience.

This quality is further enhanced by positioning our clients as key persons of influence by providing content that is of a value high value to the prospective customers and clients. This results in prospects feeling like they know you, like you, and trust you.

The main benefits;

Great quality leads being generated for your business each and every day like clockwork.

The sales process is easier with increase conversion because your customer have been pre-sold.

You are able to build a list effectively with people who can benefit from what you offer.