Facebook & Instagram Advertising Workshop

Facebook and Instagram Ads make up one of the most effective advertising platforms on the planet when created correctly.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Workshop

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram can be complex. Is the idea of Instagram advertising making your brain explode? Have you wasted your money on boosting Facebook posts and getting nothing in return? Well, here’s the good news;

Sigma Digital’s Facebook and Instagram advertising workshop will turn you into an expert even if you’re completely new to it.  You’ll know which types of ads will bring  you the right results for your business, as well as how to plan, structure and set up campaigns. Finally you will learn how to test and measure your Facebook and Instagram Advertising success.     

Course take-aways include:

– A ready to use, optimised Facebook and Instagram Advert
– Facebook and Instagram Ads planning checklist
– The ability to create new target audiences, custom audiences and lookalike audiences based on your customers
– Familiarity with the technical terminology
– Knowledge of the objectives for each ad type, and which to use for different campaigns
– A strategy template, helping you allocate a budget and plan successful campaigns
– A complementary 1:1 follow-up Skype session with Stefan Wesley following the Course Content

Our Facebook and Instagram advertising workshop takes place over 1 day, with a maximum of 8 attendees. You’ll get the chance to work on your own business, take part in practical exercises and exchange ideas with other participants.

Over the course of the day we will also cover:

– Current trends and ad performance across different industries
– What is a Facebook pixel? And how do you use it?
– Facebook advert structure, and the different campaign types
– Planning a campaign with an ad campaign checklist
– Creating audiences and targeting new customers or clients
– Creating custom and lookalike audiences based on your customers (and website visitors)
– How to create more specific audiences using their previous interactions
– A/B testing (split testing) ads to improve performance
– Monitoring and editing adverts
– Measuring results
– Facebook Ads Manager – understand the terminology

How to customise your dashboard to make performance measurement easy

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