Digital Marketing Consultant


Visitors are always looking forward for new and rejuvenated content. Well, if your website was last updated 2 years ago, then you might need to hire a digital marketing consultant and content strategist.

If you want to remain competitive in the ever-changing online market, you should consider a current website design, proper SEO and competitive research.

Currently, websites that have responsive designs and are mobile-friendly are receiving preferential rankings by Google and search engines in general. All the audience needs to have a seamless viewing experience of your website regardless of the device they are using.

Therefore, if you haven’t updated your website to meet such criteria, you need a consultant to provide the right advice on how to do it. Of course, this is where Digital Marketing Consultant Stefan Wesley comes in.

What we cover in your consultancy

Website, Social Media Audit

Strategy and Future Planning

Conversion Demand Generation

In-House Digital Marketing Skills

Tracking & Analytics Metrics

Website Content Generation

Digital Marketing Tools

Fresh Ideas for 2019

The Process Explained

Day 1
The first day with your Digital Marketing Consultant will consist of a face to face meeting with Stefan at the client’s place of business. Here he will go through the online goals of the business and discuss in detail the resources that are currently being used, this includes a full audit of software and team members working on across all areas of Digital Marketing.

Day 2
The second day of the consultation takes place at the Sigma Digital Marketing offices where the team will be assigned tasks by Stefan your Digital Marketing Consultant in order to begin tracking and analysing the data that has been sourced from the information take on day one. From here, the team at Sigma Digital Marketing will create a number of recommendations for the best future strategy.

Day 3
The Final Day takes place back at the client’s place of work where Stefan will deliver the findings of his research and go through the recommendations to fully deliver an optimised Digital Marketing Strategy for the business. This meeting will usually take place 6 weeks following the initial meeting once enough data has been collated in order to make informed strategic recommendations by your Digital Marketing Consultant.

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