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Creative Content Marketing

Infographics, videos, animations, through to beautifully shot Instagram photos, we take care of all your content needs for any and all social media platform. Whether you require 1 photo a month or 10 per day, our team have a “very particular set of skills”. Skills we have acquired over very long careers, to quickly deliver on your content requirements.

Social Media Strategy

At Sigma Digital we pride ourselves on having our fingers on the pulse. Our team are experts in finding new ways to make your customers sit up and take notice.

However, we’re also commercially grounded. We make decisions based on what is most likely to achieve our clients’ objectives – and in most cases, success equals sales. This is business, not art: time and cost are big drivers for our clients and we understand that because we’re a business too.

But good creative works, particularly online. It has the power to make brands bigger than they are. Which is why we value ideas and originality as highly as strategy and research.

Whether we’re creating a new website, a 12-month timetable of digital content, or an all-singing, all-dancing multi-platform campaign, we take a collaborative approach as your creative partner. Your ideas count – it is your business after all.

Marketing Planning

A strong brand and hard-working website are prerequisites of a healthy business pipeline, but to get the best value from them they need to be backed-up by a considered strategy. Here’s a bit about what we do.

We can create a plan of marketing activity – delivered through multiple channels – that will get your business noticed. Whatever the platform, we make sure our creative marketing work is original, memorable and shareable. When it comes to content, quantity is important, but not at the expense of quality.

We set ourselves high standards: every campaign, every piece of work we produce has to shine. And we don’t satisfy ourselves with vague notions of brand awareness in place of hits and ROI. In fact everything we do is designed to leverage a financial reward. We’ve worked extensively with businesses of all sizes, in a range of sectors, so we can bring insight and clarity to the challenges you face.

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