Web Design and Digital Marketing Case Study
Client: The Red Lion Hunningham

This case study will cover the issues our client The Red Lion Hunningham was facing, some of the changes we have implemented and how they are performing now!

About The Red Lion Hunningham

At The Red Lion Hunningham, food is made strictly for the soul. Bright, beautiful and mouthwatering, their food is a true sensation for the eyes and the belly. This is the kind of food that is cooked simply and cleverly while showcasing the great British palette at its culinary best.

The Pub and Kitchen is positioned within the peaceful village of Hunningham, 3 miles to the north-east of Leamington Spa, yet inside the Radford Semele Ward. The Red Lion Hunningham offers enviable views along the River Leam while overlooking the spectacular Warwickshire countryside.

What was your pain point?

When sitting down with Richard, Owner of The Red Lion Hunningham, he highlighted a few areas where the venue was struggling. One key point that came out of our initial consultation was that in the past 2 years they had not received a single table booking through the website. We spent the next phase of the consultation talking about who was the target demographic, what was currently. This issue was then highlighted to Stefan Wesley who reviewed the consultation notes personally and created a strategy for the team to present to Richard.

Our Recommendations to the Client

Stefan created a 4 tier strategy that started with a Website redesign, this is not always a necessary step but in The Red Lion’s case this was an element we felt required changes immediately.

Following the Website Redesign that was completed and Live within just 3 Weeks, the team moved forward with the bespoke Digital Strategy that Stefan had created. This strategy was made up of Social Media Marketing and Ads, unique imagery, Content Marketing and PR.

Results within the first 30 days of Digital Marketing!

The Website Received
Table Bookings
Which was a total of
People Seated
In revenue

What they have to say?

Here is what Richard Merand, Owner of The Red Lion Hunnigham had to say follwing the first month working with Stefan and the Team at Sigma on their Website Design and Digital Marketing.