SIGMA DIGITAL is a full-service digital marketing agency that pride ourselves on delivering a return on investment to each and every one of our clients! We bring companies closer to their customers using data driven research coupled with intent based creative. At SIGMA DIGITAL we pride ourselves in designing and executing bespoke digital marketing strategies to match your business goals. If we don’t feel that we can deliver a return on investment, we promise not take you on as a client!

Stefan Wesley
Founder and CEO

Stefan Wesley founded Sigma Digital in 2013, but he has been a force of innovation in the realm of digital marketing and leadership for over a decade. A self-taught programmer and marketer, Stefan was recently awarded Most Influential Digital Marketing CEO in the UK. Leaving a trail of success throughout his career it’s no surprise that Stefan is in High Demand!
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Sigma Digital Culture


At Sigma we are full of energy and we encourage each team member to pursue their passions and hobbies, and we support them in doing so.


We are relentless in our mission to deliver the highest possible returns for our clients businesses and go the extra mile to ensure it happens.


Sigma operate at the highest level of integrity and if we do not feel that we are a good fit for your  business, then we won’t take you as a client.


In a rapidly evolving industry continuous learning is key. We train together online every Wednesday on a subject of the teams choosing.


Communitcation is essencial in any business, our team are in constant contact to ensure complete synergy across all client projects.


Working Remotely isn’t for everyone but our team have mastered it and remain discipled to deliver projects in time and within budget.

The Sigma Digital Commandos

In 2017 Sigma Digital signed the Armed Forces Covenant. This is a pledge that at Sigma Digital we are a Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency that acknowledges and understands that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, should be treated with fairness and respect in the communities, economy and society they serve with their lives.

We where also honoured to receive the Bronze Award in the Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) which acknowledges that as an employer, Sigma Digital has provided exceptional support to the armed forces community and defence by going above and beyond their covenant pledges.

If you are a serving or ex member of the Armed Forces and your interesting in learning the skills required to join Sigma’s Elite Digital Commando Team then get in touch today!

Remote Team

At Sigma Digital we pride ourselves in leading the way in Digital Agency Innovation. In 2016 we transformed the business into a remote working agency, providing our team the flexibility to work from anywhere in the World. Our team have fully embraced this model and use this opportunity to fulfil their dreams of traveling the globe while working.

Using industry leading project management and communications software our team have increase productivity removing the distractions of office working.

So how is that an advantage to you, our client? Well with a remote team, Sigma Digital is not restricted to the local talent pool. With our company structure, we can hand select the most skilled experts from anywhere in the World.

Another great bonus to having remote team working is that we don’t have the huge overheads like most agencies, meaning we deliver much more value for money. When you work with us over an agency who pay tens of thousands per month for office rent as well as office bills and office supplies, we have more of your budget to spend where it really matters… your marketing!